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Lightbulb TEAM {JOG}

Name: Team {JOG}
Recruiting: Always
Platforms: PS2,PS3,XBOX360
Location: International
Leaders: Chicali and Jeff
Members: 30+ and growing...
status: We are a mature group

JOG was created in April of 2006 by JOGJeff and Chicali within the gaming community of Star Wars Battlefront 2. The two had never spoken to one another before but had managed to become an unstoppable team throughout the assault ranks. When they spoke for the first time, the decided to create a clan. Alas JOG was born. Instantly once the JOG tag was seen, many players flocked to its banner. By the summer of 2006 JOG had become a rather large clan within the Battlefront Community. However due to its size, it began fracturing into smaller clans that would make up much of the competition that is still seen with in the game today. Among the few clans to come out of JOG is SDJ, AFH, JSM, OES, UDN and GOR. JOG went undefeated with in the assault community defeating all clans that it faced. Eventually it moved into other areas of the game and found moderate success in conquest. In recent months JOG has moved into the battlefield 2 Modern Combat community and has won several matches there as well. After a brief civil war between a few of the "Jedi Council Members" JOG's old web site and way of doing things perished. However the core of the clan remained intact. In the wake of this civil war, JOG has been modified to participate in all areas of gaming, including Playstation 2, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. JOG has recently opened its Xbox 360 sector with the game Gears Of War. It expects to expand into Halo3 in the coming months. JOG is still looking for direction on the playstation 3 platform, but it hopes to be able to have this sector up and running as soon as possible.

Visit our site and join our team!!!!
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