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Opinions? Still needs some work, but...

Other than that, I've been mostly working on storyline - the vision sequence is now around 3/4 done.

Originally Posted by darthjantom
Those Team-Jawa guys made an editor of some kind that allows you to make your own modules. Maybe that's something for this mod ?
Given that most of the original modules appear no more than twice in the entire of vanilla KotOR2, if at all, its not really necessary. Aside from that it would almost double the time taken on the mod, and the only people who understand this new method are a handful of people from the Team-Jawa fora. The information isn't freely available yet.

Originally Posted by Revan_Pwn_Malak
I can't wait for the planet Darth. Great work so far.
Neither can I.

Originally Posted by Lantzen
Think the mod is on hold

Originally Posted by stralight
that stuff that you made looks so good i can't wait until it done because thise weapons and robes and lightsabers look great

Originally Posted by L0rdReV@n88
amazing 0.o that sword model is sweet looking, you never cease to amaze me keep up the good work
Hehe, thanks.

Originally Posted by Arátoeldar
Ok so you didn't name the planet after me. You did choose a planet with my name in it.
Interesting. Small galaxy.

Originally Posted by Master Zionosis
Looking brilliant DI, I'm really looking forward to the completion of the mod, keep up the good work.
So am I.

Originally Posted by Pavlos
You really do seem to have a talent for area design, DI. It's looking better than ever . Using Visas' meditation chamber as a new tomb is a pretty cool idea.

Good work!
Thanks for the kind words.
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That's what Control said.
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