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Originally Posted by Darth InSidious
Given that most of the original modules appear no more than twice in the entire of vanilla KotOR2, if at all, its not really necessary. Aside from that it would almost double the time taken on the mod, and the only people who understand this new method are a handful of people from the Team-Jawa fora. The information isn't freely available yet.
Just a little clarification on this one: there isn't any sort of hidden information on how to create new areas. The only thing you need is KAuroraEditor and the 3DSmax / Gmax NWN scripts which, I presume, many are already familiar with.
You simply create the area model in *max, export it to an ascii text file using the NWN scripts, and import the ascii model into Kotor using KAuroraEditor, which will generate the .mdl, .mdx and .wok files needed for the new area model.

The biggest problems you'd be facing are:

A) KAurora current limitations, principal among which is the inability to import anything except for trimeshes, walkmeshes and light nodes, along with an incorrect handling of the UV texture mapping of type "Face". I've been working on a new release of the editor, and at the moment I can correctly import lights (which were imported but didn't show up in the game with version 0.2, while now they work) and I can import emitters without crashing the game, but they don't seem to show up yet. Unfortunately the program is still listed on the tools page as a "walkmesh" utility, but it has grown to be a much bigger project (and you would currently download version 0.2 even if it's still listed as 0.1).

B) the inherent problem of having to do everything from scratch, so you'd have to create .are, .git, .ifo, .vis and .lyt files as an absolute minimum, not to mention that to have any decent end result you'd also need to create cameras, items, characters etc. etc. to populate the new area. Note however that all this could theoretically be done with current tools; it "just" would take an ungodly amount of work.
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