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Hmmm - Are you not getting a little concerned that there are too many similar ships to the point that there will be only a few truly used while 80% are never built? E.g. I find that I never build patrol ships or skyprays in the minimod, since there are already enough bombers and anti-capital ships out there. I'm afraid that e.g. of the Imperial and Tector-class Star Destroyer only one wil be researched and built, since they both have very similar roles (heavy anti-capital) and their slight differences don't make it worth it researching and using both...

I hope again that this doesn't sound too critical... I'm still looking forward to this mod very much and believe it will be a major enhancement compared to the unmodded version.

But if you want to do me a favor, take out the Empire raid fleets and Rebel cap ship hangars
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