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Yes, it was. I wasn't sure if I just sucked or the Consortium was really good. Even in space battles I definitely need to have a solid strategy against them. The Keldabe Battleships and the Aggressor Battleships are also really powerful and I usually have to come at them from different angles with Victory-class Star Destroyers and fighters(using them as bait and chipping away at the Battleships) and then hyperspace in Star Destroyers and possibly Thrawn and Piett to try and finish them off.

I understand and really appreciate the Rebels strategy of fewer, versatile units that play different roles and they usually have good defenses. This is also in tandem with the Alliance's attitude toward their men and this shows in their weapons and vehicles (boost shield abilities on capital ships, shield MDU, heavy armor on T4-B Tanks, defense upgrades for troops, etc).

The Consortium, however, seems to have characteristics of both the Empire and the Alliance because they use heavy firepower and brute force and they're units are heavily armored (most have shields) and play different roles. I also think that the turrets they can build are more useful. I suppose that this is supposed to go in line with the black market aspects of the Consortium and also how they're hiring mercenaries (who may be a little more hardier and brutal than the typical soldier). I guess I think that since the Consortium ended up being so powerful then the Empire should have gotten a boost in firepower too in the expansion (since their units are so expendable), and that would have balanced it out. I still play EAW like it's my job though, and I usually play as the Empire since it poses the greatest challenge (they're the weakest faction in my opinion).

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