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Trying to Uninstall KotOR I But isnt working...

Hello Guys (Say it plz when i am posting in the wrong section).

Well somewhere in the past i've Uninstalled KotOR because of some reasons like It didn't Work on Vista etc. and I needed to Uninstall.
I could Uninstall then Reinstall for the first time but the second Reinstalled it then I was puttin some mods like: Bastila Romance :P It didn't work( the MOD)
So i was going to Unistall again it worked( the Game wasn't anymore in the Add & Remove Programs) it was gone.
( now the Weirdest thing ever) I Could play without the Installation because There wasnt a tab with Install on the third time. So I was going to Uninstall it again But the Game didn't Respond it is responding to all other tabs but not on Uninstall.


By the way i can put mod in the Override Folder but then the Mods doesn't work. It's really weird There is no icon of the game in Add & Remove Programs and still I can play KotOR I. So please people help me.

So Guys Please Help me I Beg u all please.

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