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I've just upgraded to Vista Home Premium, but can't get KOTOR 2 to run. It fails on the video check, then crashes when loading up. The error message says that I need the latest NVidia drivers. Funny thing is I'm running an ATI Radeon 1900-XT

Originally Posted by Christos K
Ok I have a HP Pavilion Laptop. It has a NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150 graphics card. It has Windows Vista Home Premium. Right now I do not have Kotor 1 installed becasue it didnt work. But when I did have it installed I could install it perfectly. I could hear sound. I could get it open to the Main Menu where Malak is standing. The graphics seem to be a little fuzzy and the smoke and Malak move slowly. I can click on Options and Movies. And everything works perfectly there. But when I go to New Game the screen goes black. I will mostly be able to hear the music that goes with Character creation. Also for some reason I cant enable cheats in the .ini file. That may be because of something I am doing wrong but I cant save.
Thanks in advance to those who can help.
This may not be a Vista related problem. I had similar problems back on my old XP machine (running an Intel Integrated chip). My solution was to heavily turn down the graphics, things like soft shadows. Didn't look pretty, but meant that I could now load game areas...

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