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Name: Cortosis
Species: Ubese

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Description: [/IMG]

Background: This Ubese Armor wearer has been incapacitated many times, one time, enough to lose most of his memory. HE still remembered where he was, why, and who was guiding him. But, the Incapacitator was in fact, himself. He was born to Ubese-Force User, Jen Tarrik, and an Unknown-Father. He left his home at the age of 13, a Mercenary was there for a bounty, caught the child-Cortosis, and got back onto his ship. He injected a memory-killing poison, and counted his Midi-Chlorians. He figured out that this child was capable of becoming one of the most FEARED bounty hunters ever, and trained him with a Cortosis Blade, thus getting the name. After that, he found a trunk on the ship with the name or moniker: Lord Ubesian. He found a pick-lock, and opened the trunk carefully, he had found his cousin's Ubese armor. He met up with his cousin on Bespin on a mission of getting a Cortosis-Blade melted into a Carbonite Block. His cousin recognized him and asked,"Do you know me?" He replied yes, looking at the Scar on the other's left temple, going down to the top of his cheek. He then teamed up with his cousin and became Scout-Assassins. He is currently under the alias: Jrask Kyhhle Krayt.
Weapons: An DC-15 on his back and a Cortosis Vibroblade on his back also. It creates the shape of the Jolly Roger.
Ship: A Skipray Blastboat, Purple and Green.

Alliance: Sith Navy

Rank: Lt. of Kyyhle's Dawn
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