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Name: Carth Demostrata

Species: Human

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Description: Fairly tall Human male, about 6 ft. Long blonde hair, falls to about the elbows when arms are to the side. Fair complexion with blue eyes. Relativly thin, appears to weigh about 150 lbs. or so.. Has light brown beard covering face.

Background: Lived on Corellia until age of 5.taken to the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin IV to be trained in the ways of the force. Has high midiclorian count and is strong with the Force. disorganized and headstrong, yet patient and wise... In a manner of speaking. Prefers diplomacy to a pitched-battle, but isn't afraid to fight it out when nesesary.

Weapons: Green dual-phase lightsaber, and an aging E-11 blaster rifle

Ship: The Aurulia, Pinnace on loan from a friend. (max pass. 4, 3 in comfort)

Alliance: Jedi
Rank: Jedi Knight (recently aquired rank, yet to take on padawan)

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