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Well i'm kinda pulling a face there, but pretty much yeah. Heres a drunken one of me taken a few days ago, i'm backpackin round OZ at the mo hence the boomerang. But dun worry this will be the last photo, i dun wanna make you go blind or anything. I'm over the whole keepin my image secret online thing now, i've joined the quarter of a century club and only use the net to stay in touch with mates anyway.

Personally i'm interested to see what Ray looks like........kinda shifty maybe; abit to much hair? i dunno.
Just outta interest what did i look like to ya? I'm pondering about writing a travel/psychology/autobio type book and wonder what my impression is.
I definatly talk enough **** to fill one

Feck thats a big photo, ah bollocks i cant be bothered to change it, sorry bout the nightmares.
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