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Rocket Launcher, AA, Concussion, Heavy Repeater, and EC Noob? (a rant/debate)

Ok, I am aware many in-game (and probably some on here) Consider these weapons noob. That is ridiculous. When once I asked why these were noob in game, the response was that they required no skill. This could not be farther from the truth. To effectively use these weapons takes a lot of skill. With the AA (and in some cases rocket) you have to be able to shoot and hit your target without blowing yourself up (this is much harder than it sounds) and with the fact that you only have 4 shots, you must use them wisely. With the rocket launcher you must be able to anticipate where your target will be once the rocket lands (same with concussion).
Another response is that these weapons are cheap. And the only logical answer as to why they are cheap is that they deliver one hit kills. So if that is true, all grenades, sniper rifle, and array gun are all noob as well.
In the thread slightly below this, the poster was complaining that he could only live for a brief period of time without getting killed. Perhaps he is the one without skill? First, the rocket launcher is incredibly easy to to avoid being hit. It moves slowly, and if you pay attention, you can just step out of the way of its path of fire. Again, same with the concussion rifle. The AA, while slightly harder to avoid can still be done without to much difficulty. Perhaps he should play and practice a little more. And on the subject of the heavy repeater, no one has ever been able to explain logically why that is "noob".
And in all honesty, anyone who sincerely calls someone a noob needs to really get a life (no offense intended). Furthermore, if RC were to be played professionally their would be no limitations upon which weapons one would use. Also, in regards to the mentioned thread below me, people were saying that the noobs insult the "real" players. In my 4 months of extensively playing online, I have never seen any so called "noob" insult anyone else, unless they were insulted by some one else. The only people who I see hand out insults, are those who get mad when they are fragged by a "noob" weapon.
Now I pose a question, those of you who find the above weapons to be cheap, you don't use them in singleplayer right? Because that would seem to go against your beliefs about them being noob.

Not intending to start a flame war, but I would like to have a logical and mature debate with those with opposing opinions.


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