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Anyone familiar with the French comic Iznogoud? I watched the cartoon as a kid but didn't read the comics for some reason until now. The title has quickly climbed to the top of my favourite comic book titles because it's so amazingly funny and far from repetitive, even though almost every story has the same basic plot.

It's going to be published again in the UK starting next March, but it looks like they're skipping over the earlier stories and starting right from "The Wicked Wiles of Iznogoud". Doesn't matter to me since I have the earlier stories in Finnish, but I hope they continue translating right to the end because I'm missing all the new ones.

Anyway, I find it interesting to compare the albums written by Goscinny and those Tabary did alone after the former's death. The most obvious difference if of course that Goscinny wrote short stories whereas Tabary's stories last an album each, but Tabary also has less puns and satire. On the other hand, his plots can get very odd every now and then, which makes for an interesting read. Even the new albums are pretty good, and the decline definitely isn't anything like what eventually happened to poor Asterix.

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