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Originally Posted by deathclone
K what if in story mode ( rise of the empire) i had 2 ideas Rise AND fall of the empire so it can go further than just ep 5. AND in story our clone/stormtrooper is like a commander ad its like guess what a story! it was kind of like that in BF2 but..... well i think u know what i mean
So basically u would play out the Rise of the empire campaign as the empire and then u could do it from the Rebels side as the fall of the empire campaign, (or the other way round). I don't think u could add the fall of the empire onto the end of the rise of the empire campaign, that wouldn't last long enough.

So we play as a normal trooper (in whatever class) but they r a commander?
Could that be an option because i'm sure not every1 would want to be a commander, they might just want to play as a basic infantry trooper on the front lines, (not saying that the commander wouldn't be on the front lines) but u get my point.
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