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Originally Posted by Darth Xander
You're too kind.
Originally Posted by DarthDingDong
I agree,

Looks great!


Calm down!
Heheh, thanks.

Originally Posted by Gargoyle_King
Good to see this most anticipated mod still in production DI!
Thank you! I'm glad it's moving forward, too.
Originally Posted by Gargoyle_King
The head skin is awesome BTW, improve it more as you desire but it's great as is IMO. So, i take it he's a boss type character on you're planet? Very interesting, can't wait to learn more!
You...could say that...I'm afraid you'll have to play the mod to find out!
Originally Posted by Gargoyle_King
Just a quit quesio.
Will the mod include VOs for your characters? I don't care whether there is or not, as every good mod isn't good because of the use of voiceovers, but of the gameplay quality of the mod itself.
A good question. The short answer would be 'yes'. I'm trying to make sure that every character has dialogue. But I'm not recording dialogue, either. So any human dialogues tend to be cut up from other places.

Thankfully, the above character speaks in Sith-Holocronese, for reasons which I hope will be apparent in the final release...But for the most part there's gonna be a lot of aliens. Consider it a rebalance, given the human-dominated majority of the game.
Originally Posted by Gargoyle_King
So either way i'm sure i'm still gonna enjoy this mod, by the looks of it your mod will probs be an essential install next to the TSLRP.
I aim for quality.

Originally Posted by Miltiades
Great update again, DI. It looks awesome. The skin looks fine. I'd choose the first one. He looks very cool.
Heheheh, thanks.
Originally Posted by qui_gon_glenn
I like the darkside skin a lot DI. If I had any criticism, I would say that the eye color needs a little tweaking...? I can't say exactly what, and not the obvious crimson. Maybe something like what you have with a little more black saturation? To create an empty feel? 2c.

Glad to see your work again
Hmm...I like that idea. I'll try it out ASAP.

Originally Posted by RevanMMaster
Great Mod DI One of the a mod I'll be waiting for. I agree with the face try to change the eyes a little. Other wise great
Two votes for the eyes - I'll get on it soon.

Although I've been doing a little tweaking since yesterday anyhow...

I thought the veins looked too red before.
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That's what Control said.

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