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haha wow, never saw this coming.

i often wonder what happened to everyone from the zone, i havent spoken too or heard from anyone from asteroid in ages. other than calyx who i grew up with. Amer and DooM great to see you are both still kickin.

i had so much fun in those days, DIK lives on thats so cool.


i was wrong, i talk to Pyreus and Confed every day cause we still game together. often not in the same games but we have a vent server we use all the time.

i have limited infos on a few players.

myself (DIK_COWB0Y) i play World of Warcraft in my spare time.

DKB_Confed plays SWG cause he loves the constant pvp.
DKB_Pyreus plays WoW on the same server i do, and some other stuff.
Calyx_NBK plays WoW on a different server than i do.

last i heard Rage and Nicodemus were playing tribes 2 or something like that. wish i could remember the name of the guild they were in.

for a while after mots died out i played JK with the JaG clan, and we actually managed to keep in touch for a considerable amount of time after JK died out as well, but that was several years ago.

i remember mots mostly with warm fuzzies. i had tons of fun and got to know alot of unique people from all walks of live and from many different places.

weapon 8 and freeze tag 4 evah.

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