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Wow.. you got quite a list there.

Why wouldn't you play the game multiplayer with the patch? The patch gets rid of some multiplayer issues. You should get your clan to patch up.

In regards to your other point of mod maps.. Mod maps don't work in 1.0. The max amount of maps you can have is 56 I think.. and GameToast got around that with their conversion pack by putting folders within another folder. Some mod maps change your originally installed maps, and some mods change your originally installed SWBF2 game files. That alone would give you multiplayer issues if a mod has changed the version of a shipped map, and the server is running the "shipped" version. The only way to correct this is to uninstall SWBF2 COMPLETELY. Meaning after uninstallation, navigate to C:Program Files/Lucas Arts/Star Wars BattlefrontII and delete whatever is left after uninstalation. This is the only way to make sure EVERYTHING is gone. Then reinstall your game.. hopefully with the patch

The chat gibberish might be a graphic problem, check to make sure your graphic drivers are updated.

14G is a lot. I have a lot of mod maps too and it doesn't come close to 14G. You may have double installations in your gamedata folders because some mod maps can't find the GameData folder when installing so you get an installation where it shouldn't be (IE: Gamedata/gamedata/addon).

{97th}.. do you have a forum for your clan?

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