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I've been around the internet a few times, and been on both sides of moderation, inside and outside of heated debates.

What I'll say is that what favouritism/elitism there is here - and it's impossible to completely rip it out, mods/admins are human, after all - is, for the most part, pretty minimal. Most moderation is quick, effective, and fairly neutral here, and that is the most you can ask.

Just my tuppence ha'penny.

EDIT: I just thought I'd add that when the chips are eaten, it's just a forum. You have to emotionally detach yourself at some point. If someone sends you a snide PM trashing you, feel flattered that they wasted that much time on you. If your post is edited/deleted and you get a warning, and you feel you weren't out of line? Don't do it again. It doesn't matter what you thought- you weren't the one on the line who had to make that choice.
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