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I'm new here (so I apologise if I seem out of line) and I therefore can not take sides or pick and choose. I am a member of many forums and am also a moderator on another site.

This thread actually caught my attention. And honestly, I think some people are actually creating mountains out of mole hills. No one is perfect, absolutely no one. Everyone makes mistakes and most of the time, these mistakes can be corrected if the person takes the time.

I think it was very good of Rogue Nine to compromise. That takes a lot.

Moderators and Adminastrators have a very tough job (and I am not saying that just because I am a Moderator on a different forum, as in truth, I really do not have a lot to moderate) and often have very tough decisions to make. A lot of thought and debates go on to make sure all mods agree before performing a tough job. And I am sure the current situation doesnt come into consideration, but the members history with the site and other members.

And there's my bit. I once again apologise if you feel that I am out of line.

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