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Flawless is Flawed

I think the whole point of this was that hes tired of the ALL issues with the current staff here, old or new.
An issue left unresolved is STILL an issue. So closing this thread will mostlikley result in another thread posted. If not now, then in the future.

Nine seems to have the best grasp of things as far as this argument goes. Compromise as a resolve would be nice. :P Instead of just BAM, close thread, or BAM, banhammer.

Edit: :P Im gonna barrow that little feature TK ^-^. And yes, that was quite snippity earilier.
My point, short and sweet was that EL Sitherino and ED seemed to be trying to shift all the blame solely upon Phile. I think the Mods have a bit of blame here aswell. I accepted my blame when I joined this thread with the intent of compromise. :P

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