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Originally Posted by tk102
Jediphile, you were the one who brought it up the topic of PMs...
Actually, if I'm going to split hairs, it was Niner, when he said I did not use them.

But there is a difference between saying that PMs have been posted between people, as I did, and referring to specific things stated in them, as Darth333 did. I have not made references to the PMs between you and me, for example, even though I could use them in support of my position. Because to me those PMs are private and not for the board, unless both sides agree that they are.

Originally Posted by tk102
The vitriol described in a first contact like this cannot bode well for future relations and dooms any chance of constructively addressing the problem.
In light of prompt deletion out of the blue, I felt it was an appropriate comment to make, given that I was to accept Niner's humor as well. But it would seem I'm not allowed to have a sense of humor. Or to mirror El Sitharino's position: Is it my fault if Darth333 did not see it that way? For someone claims that I insist on seeing things from the worst possible angle, she sure did little to promote the opposite herself...

Originally Posted by tk102
But that's a recursive question Jediphile. Eventually you end up with the answer "nobody" or "everybody" or "God" or something equally nonconstructive.
What significant point can't you say that about? Sure it could go that way, but it's still important to ask those questions now and then, even if you can never get a definite answer.

Originally Posted by tk102
I feel like this thread has stalled on rehashing old issues and confusing them with current ones. Would you like to make any further constructive criticisms or shall I close this thread?
If you do not believe in discussing these things, then go right ahead. In that case I'll have to conclude that discussions like this one are banned here and that the mods are above criticism and above the rules.

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