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Originally Posted by Rogue Nine
I had a whole big sentence by sentence refutation thing going, but I decided to cut out most of them, save for the most relevant ones I've left above. Jediphile, let me make this as clear as possible. As I said above, I believe you to be an intelligent and well-spoken contributer to the forums. You offer well-reasoned and insightful commentary to many different Star Wars topics. This is a very good thing. The other mods (RedHawke in particular, if you can believe it) can attest to my believing that.

Unfortunately, you also have a persecution complex, in that you believe everyone on the mod staff is out to get you. I know this goes back further than even your involvement with me, as you've had a few tussles with the SWK staff before, over pretty much the same concepts. Quite frankly, you are too sensitive. You take things way too personally. No one else reacts to jokes/friendly sarcasm/etc like you do. We do not have this problem with anyone else and I don't think it is fair that we must use a different set of standards/words/tones when dealing with you. Everyone is dealt with in the same fashion. You are the only one who has reacted in such a way.

Look, let me (myself and I; I do not speak for the rest of the staff) make a deal with you, okay? I understand that my joke made you upset and I am sorry that it did, because that was not my intent. I also do not think that the best way to handle it was to taunt me with it. That being said, I'm will watch what I say in the future when dealing with sensitive and heated topics. I am outspoken and blunt, with a very sarcastic sense of humor, but I'm willing to temper myself when dealing with potentially volatile situations. In return, I ask that you not take everything so seriously. Being hypersensitive to the point where a joke like the one I made is construed to be a personal attack doesn't really help anything. In the same vein, please do not try to take justice into your own hands and try to 'make a point', as this isn't the right way to do so.

We can continue to go back and forth ad nauseam, but that wouldn't get us much of anything save for more anger and frustration and other unwanted nastiness. I'm more than willing to meet you halfway to put our argument to rest. Are you?*

*If you are, please consider extending the same courtesy to tk and D3 and the rest of the staff. Like I said, they are not all out to get you and I believe they would much rather have you around as a contributing member of our forums.
I swear, this man taught god to be all loving! <3

Originally Posted by Jediphile
Who does watch the watchers?
Hi. Name's Raymo, and to my left, jayston. We watch the moderators and administrators of LF.*

(*) The female ones at least, when they're naked, and under the shower, and they don't catch us, that is.

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