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Originally Posted by tk102
What, Jediphile, do you want? The post that got deleted is irrecoverable. If you wanted to vent your frustrations, you've done that. If you're looking for some other recompense, state it exactly and it will be considered.
I suppose I'm looking for some glimmer of the possibility that the mods might reevaluate their initial positions on matters like this one and not repeat those actions in the future.

For example, El Sitharino has bascially stated that it was fine to delete my entire post because he felt some of it was objectionable and the rest was too immaterial to be allowed even though it was on-topic. I have yet to see the mods actually say that deleted stuff just because they don't think it's constructive despite being on-topic is wrong.

Besides, it's scarcely as if there is much indication of progress here, which means we'll just be repeating this exercise in the future - if not with me, then with someone else. You seem open to consider this matter, and Niner certainly has with his recent comments. I don't know about Jae. But El Sitharino and Darth333 seem adamant that I'm just being willfully difficult and should go away or just stop talking altogether. I see little or no change there.

What I'd want is a restoration of my faith that events like this one will not occur again in the future.

Not deleting post with extreme prejudice would be a pretty good start. Actually taking complaints serious and do something about them instead of ignoring them in the hope that the problem can then be killed by silence would be another step. Talking to people when these things happen and actually listening to to what they say in return instead of dismissing them and hand down the verdict quickly from high like in a drumhead trial would also help.

Now, that's a conceit, of course, as there will always be issues like this one. But if the alternative is cynicism and rejection of any attempt at making progress, then the first option still seems better to me. Sometimes you just have to choose to be naive because the alternative is even worse.

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