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Originally Posted by Jediphile
But there is a difference between saying that PMs have been posted between people, as I did, and referring to specific things stated in them, as Darth333 did. I have not made references to the PMs between you and me, for example, even though I could use them in support of my position. Because to me those PMs are private and not for the board, unless both sides agree that they are.
No, you did say that we did not responded to you. I rectified the facts and have not posted the contents of the PMs except for the fact that you have insulted me, hence the reason why I did not responded to you the second time. When you raise an issue like that, you implicitly open the door to such an answer.

In light of prompt deletion out of the blue, I felt it was an appropriate comment to make, given that I was to accept Niner's humor as well. But it would seem I'm not allowed to have a sense of humor. Or to mirror El Sitharino's position: Is it my fault if Darth333 did not see it that way? For someone claims that I insist on seeing things from the worst possible angle, she sure did little to promote the opposite herself...
If you find humorous sending a vitriolic PM calling someone a nazi and telling them that you have a very low opinion of them (and that was not the first time) you really have a strange sense of humor... Your PM was not humorous at all. Feel free to post our "correspondence" if you want (and don't forget the humorous title you gave it!).

We take complaints seriously when they are justified (remember that we did intervene in your favor too in the past). Unfortunately, we cannot moderate the boards according to everyone's whim (or should we add to the rules that people can call each other "nerd" except when it comes to some particular users?)

Edit: what RN said below.
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