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Originally Posted by Darth333
No, you did say that we did not responded to you. I rectified the facts and have not posted the contents of the PMs except for the fact that you have insulted me, hence the reason why I did not responded to you the second time. When you raise such an issue, you implicitly open the door to such an answer.
Again, there is a difference between saying that corresponding has taken place and telling other people about what was said in that correspondence.

Originally Posted by Darth333
If you find humorous sending a vitriolic PM calling someone a nazi (and that was not the first time) you really have a strange sense of humor...
I said "net-nazi", which you cannot take to be a stab at your political position, of which I know nothing. That is not the same as a nazi, despite your attempt to infer it, and while you may not like, your out-of-the-blue deletion of inoffensive posts without warning or provocation should be expected to result in a harsh response. You could have discussed the matter. Instead you chose to just delete stuff and then forget about it. What do you think that tells me about your respect for Ztalker or me?

Originally Posted by Darth333
Your PM was not humorous at all. Feel free to post our "correspondence" if you want (and don't forget the humorous title you gave it!).
I don't think "long live the dark side" is particularly insulting in light of the discussion. Besides, I did not do that on the open forum where you're rediculed in public. You could at least acknowledge that.

Originally Posted by Darth333
We take complaints seriously when they are justified (yes, we did intervene in your favor too in the past). Unfortunately, we cannot moderate the boards according to everyone's whim.
But you could apply the rules equally to everyone instead of applying in one way towards Niner and another towards me. "Equal under the law" is a fairly common principle in any most societies based on legal principles. I should like to think that goes for Lucasforums too, but I've seen little that supports that.

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