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Originally Posted by Jediphile
Again, there is a difference between saying that corresponding has taken place and telling other people about what was said in that correspondence.
By referring to the said correspondence and telling that we did not respond, you have opened the door to that. I was in my right to defend myself from your allegations.

Originally Posted by Jediphile
What do you think that tells me about your respect for Ztalker or me?
The only reason I deleted the posts (and I have already explained that to you and in the thread) is that you an him were engaged in a completely off-topic discussion. I did not gave any warning as I did not think a warning was warranted. I had nothing against you or Ztalker. I simply wanted to put the thread, which was an interesting thread btw (the announcement of an agreement between LA and Bioware), back on topic. Yet , you assumed that I did that with the sole purpose to piss you off. Instead of simply asking why I did not deleted RN's comment in your correspondence, you started to call me names and assume that we did that to oppress you. I tried to explain my decision but your reply was even worse...

"Equal under the law" is a fairly common principle in any most societies based on legal principles.
First, this is not a state. It is a private corporation. Second, the problem is that you ask for special treatment.

Anyway, I won't be posting here anymore unless you have something new to say...the same arguments are coming back ad perpetuum and ad nauseam...

Originally Posted by Web Rider
save maybe for that topic on how your parents told you "the facts of life."
Dammit I missed it! Where is it?
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