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Originally Posted by deathclone
yea but who plays as the aliance? well if ur NOT playing online who does? I mean yea their ships are awesome and sure their hevy trooper has alot of amo AND they hav the only guy that can go invisible AND they hav wookies. other than that they are UGLY ANOYING and there heros are bad
Thats a bold assumption to believe that one1 plays as the alliance if there not online, i play as the Alliance and i'm sure many other people do as well. What sort of logic to not like them is that they r ugly and annoying?

There heros aren't bad, Ayala Secura, she rocks with her twins lightsabers, Luke, Mace, Yoda etc. They have much better jedi than the dark side. Boba and Jango r better than Chewie and Solo. I think they r evenly matched.

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