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3 things go to hell darkjedimonkey u obviously h8 me to so yay anywayz exsplaining when i said rise and fall of the empire we play as empire again except even though we win in the journal we lose like in the deathstar lvl SWBF2 3rd thing when i said the reble hero suked 1 of u guys said ayyla or something i cant spell her name right >.< well thats a (what r they called again? meh) clone hero from the clone side not rebels UNLESS u go to an all jedi lvl and if ayyla was on reble THAT MAKE NO SENSE! she dided ep 3 WE ALL KNOW THAT still this is a game so when i said reble heros suk its cuz THEY hav (their bad ones) han,leia,chewy,(i h8 the type of gun he has my opinion though) and some other bad heros that i cant remember

darkjedimonkey= anoying fag who likes correcting people

were back *droid guns load*
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