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Contest winner - Fan Fiction 
Name: Rolhy Daggen

Species: Clawdite

Age: 24

Gender: Male


Background: Abandoned by his father (who joined the Sith) when he was ten, Rolhy has led a life of a mercenary, drifting from battle to battle. Due to his Clawdite skills, he is almost never without a job - however, because of his weakness for fighting for lost causes and being driven by his emotions rather than reason, he has never amassed much of a fortune.

Rolhy has recently been traveling the spacelines, still looking for hire to the highest bidder. As the war against the Sith began, however, he started to look beyond the conflict as an opportunity to gain some credits. He is disturbed by the choice he has ahead of him: fighting for the Republic, and trying to uphold its government; or taking up with the Sith, and fighting for domination with his long-lost father at his side.

Weapons: BlasTech T-21 Light Repeating Rifle, small vibrodagger.

Ship: The Bloody Talon, a TransGalMeg "Kihraxz" Assault Fighter

Alliance: Mercenary

Rank: N/A
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