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Thanks for all the advice!

Clan was patched up... but patched down again as tehre were more clans running on V 1.0.

Some people do have servers with modded maps up on V 1.0 though... maybe they have the version picker which might fix that? I dunno...

I'll try uninstalling it completely now. Thanks for the tip.

As for duplicate files... I may well have some, but my addon folder has disappeared. All that's left in my second gamedata folder is just Battlefront2 as an application that you can open, no other folders...

And yes, {97th} has a forum, but aren't using it at the mo, use the geustbook instead, may I ask why?

Finally, I'll end with some good news . Chatbug is kind of fixed, whenever it now starts adding those extra letters, like when sometimes sprint, or roll or strafe left/right sticks, you jus keep pressing the controls for those functions and you stop rolling, etc. Its the same with my chatbug, if I keep hitting whichever keys are the culprit it stops for a bit longer. Annoyingly it does kick in many times each map now, but at least I can fix it! Woop!

Again, just bought a new copy of the game, is there any advice people can give meas to how I can get the most from it, and keep it safe from bugs? Should I download version pickers, etc.?

Thanks for those that have taken the time to read and respond to my problems, much appreciated :P
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