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Originally Posted by thegreatjoshini
Someone just lock this thread since everyone around here has lost whatever sense of courage they were born with.
Do you not think you are greatly over-exagerating? This is a PG-13 forum, hence the reason nude mods aren't allowed here; although for the life of me I can't understand why you would want to see computer game charachters nude.

As for courage, what are you on about? Name an example of a mod not being added because of political correctness? There is for the record Revans untold love story around here; which I think involves, Cath and Male Revan, and Bastilia and Female Revan.

Originally Posted by thegreatjoshini
The rules need to be changed because if they aren't eventually this community of modding will die.
You gotta be kidding; you realise these forums have happilt exsisted without you and with these rules for like the past 4 years, given that why do you think it suddenly needs to change? Secondly, the community will eventual die out as the games get older and older.... Thirdly; there isnt really a market for nude mods, very few people want nude mods; funnily enough I don't play a Star Wars game to see nudity!

Originally Posted by thegreatjoshini
The US isn't a communist nation, so bring back the nude mods.
Right, you really haven't thought that through... Whats wrong with a Communist nation? Indeed I would somewhat wager, Political Correctness isn't a problem in China, given that 1 couple 1 child is very politically incorrect by western standard. What does nudity have with political correctness? Face it mate your a horndog Do you see any nudes in any Star Wars movies? Do you see any in games? If your soo desperate for a nude Bastilia, why don't you do the mod yourself?

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