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Originally Posted by InyriForge
So then it's not a mod request.

Maybe you haven't noticed, but nobody here is interested in making nude mods. There's really very little point in making something just to 'stick it to the man.' If you want to do it, go ahead, but don't tell us all we're being hypocrites or "politically correct" simply because we have no interest in seeing -- much less drawing -- Bastila's private bits.
I agree with Inyri... what on God's green Earth would cause anybody... even a guy... to create this type of mod? Last time I checked, nudity is a rated R/X thing... depending on the gender of the person... being gay is considered PG/ PG-13 because there are many teens who are homosexuals. I can name several right off the bat who go to my school. It's not rally politcal "correctness" or "incorrectness"... it's based on what this forum is rated... PG-13, as some people have already said. If you wanna do a mod like this, then feel free... just don't share it with us. There are some people on this forum that are below the age of 13, just think about how their parent's would feel if they saw them viewing a rated R/X site just because moderators allowed nudity mods...

Sorry if this post makes little sense... it's 2:34 in the morning here, I'm very tired.
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