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Well now.. This was an interesting thread. ^_^


There is nothing wrong with nudity, only in a very few country's is nudity considered "Bad". (BY THE WAY FOLKS, WE ARE ALL NAKED!) just i case one or two of you didn't notice, there is this thing called skin underneath the cloths you wear.

Nudity in video games as long as it's not porn is perfectly fine with me. It's not very interesting in my opinion to have a naked bastila, and i'd probably keep her cloths on most of the time. (Low Defense rating otherwise..) 6-^

if someone were to make a nude bastila skin, that actually had in game consequent's, like carth walking into the room and acting all embarrassed, or bastila seducing sith troopers in game, well that might be kinda funny, and it would be realistic.

The forums are rated PG-13....
Yeah so? Ok, i mean yes, the rating system (which i believe is crude, and useless), doesn't allow for nudity. fine. i guess there might be one or two people out there who would be offended by this. Though i don't really know why. (as long as it's just nudity, not porn.)
i'm not offended, but i guess i could see how someone else might be.

thegreatjoshini you did kinda go about this the wrong way.
#1 you seemed to be accusing us. (the modding community. BAAAD way to start)

#2 Give us more example of OTHER politically incorrect threads/mods, that have been banned.

#3 (relates to #2) Cuz if u DON't U LOok LiKe Horny ToAd. Xp

#4 do some research before posting something like this, so you don't get caught in arguments.

anyway, was kinda interesting to see this thread, thegreatjoshini does have one good point . you don't see threads like THIS one very often. ^_^

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