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I freely admit that I once had and used the nude patch for Tomb Raider Gold, but that was when I was like, what 15? Since then, I've loaded it twice - once becuase a friend of mine did not believe me that someone had once made such a mod, and the second to see the look on my buddy's face when he was drunk(needless to say, he laughed so hard he puked). I don't load it up anymore, more by choice than by not having an internal floppy drive. To be honest, I'm not sure if I even have the floppy disk it was on anymore.

As for whatever REAL reasons you may or may not have, those are your business.

As for why there are restriction for these forums - these forums are PG-13. 'Nuff said.

Overall, I see no problems with making a "nude whoever" mod or patch - but it is not something the general population of the modding community would even seriously consider, even as a gag. If I knew enough about modding, I'd make one as a personal request, BUT I am NOT a modder, and I would NOT post it as an official project.

I understand your beef with "the man", but until YOU are in charge of things, you got to play by the established rules.

I'm not trying to be an *** - I'm just stating that your only options are to either deal with the restrictions here, or to leave.

Wacky Jack, nudity, even partial nudity are considered forms of pornography. And The Man aka George Lucas would **** his multi-million dollar pants if he ever saw a report of nude mods avaliable here and promptly shut the forums down. Even if nudity falls within the bounds of PG-13 it is not acceptable here. Besides, these forums are a privledge, not a right. None of us are going to risk doing ANYTHING to have Lucas order these forums closed, no way no how. And before anyone says Lucas has no say, may I remind you that the address is

Originally Posted by thegreatjoshini
No, dammit, I just want answers. This entirely stems from all the crap I have to deal with working at a toy store. I can get fired for being politically incorrect and telling a customer how stupid he/she is for asking if they can buy a good socket wrench at a toy store. I come home and find out there is more political correctness on the web. Political correctness doesn't belong on the web. If little kid peeks onto an adult topic or website, how is it that it becomes the website owner's or thread creator's responsibility? The kid made a conscious decision to view what he/she viewed. As long as the topic title or website description on a search engine gives you a pretty good idea that the following topic/website is adult oriented then they should be allowed.
As far as not being able ot tell customers off when they ask stupid questions - it's the worse part of retail. And before you even THINK of saying I have no idea what it is like, I worked in a Wal Mart for 6 years, 2 of which was while I was still in high school. If anything I think I have a better idea of how stupid customers can be than you do.

As for any child that "wanders" onto an adult website, well, I don't think any website will be shut down if 8 year old Little Johnny were to wander onto one of them, for the sole fact that the parents would be asked, in a courtroom, "Why was he givin unlimited access to your computer?" or "If you know there are adult-themed websites on the internet, why did you not take any steps to ensure that Little Johnny did not accidently find one?" Sorry, but that comment doesn't hold water either - there are enough programs avaliable for purchase, and as freeware, to completely block any and all access to adult themed websites. In fact, Windows Firewall, which comes with like EVERY brand new PC, has an option to block certian types of content.

Well, it seems that you have gotten your answers. No one here will make such a mod for general release. Other than myself, MAYBE a few would make one as a private equest.

El Sitherino - how true LOL

I apologize for the ranting - sometimes I get too heated about certian topics.

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