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I came back from christmas holidays just yesterday and noticed that PR has finally been released!! Needless to say I was pretty excited
I started playing the "Core worlds" campaign yesterday evening for a while and noticed a few things...
- A longer readme/hero descriptions would be very helpful. I find it kinda hard to figure out what certain units/buildings are good for, which heroes can be built where, what each hero unit is good for etc. etc. It would be helpful if the description of each hero unit would list its bonuses. And I still don't know what space tugs are good for...
- I've just had 2 exception errors in a row when trying to defend myself against invading Empire forces on Farrrfin (the map is Abregado Rae). Emperor Palpatine was the only hero unit present in the battle
-Main menu just takes a long time to load. I believe you wrote in another thread that reducing the number of ships does not reduce loading time, but could you perhaps experiment a little with this? It was somewhat frustrating, especially when the 2 crashs to desktop in a row occured...

I haven't seen much of the mod yet, but besides the points mentioned above it looks very solid (buildable heroes are just cool ) I'm excited to try out the new hero upgrades :-)))
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