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Exclamation Phantom Treasures in IJ: Infernal Machine 64

Hello everyone, Iím currently playing Indiana Jones and the infernal machine on the N64. I have a very odd question about the treasures. Is it possible for the game to glitch enough for a treasure to vanish completely from the game itself? For Example, say Iím in the valley (level 10) and I follow a walkthrough to find all the treasures and one of them is missing from where it should be.

It could be that Iím just having trouble finding this treasure in the valley but I remember having this same problem in the SHAMBALA SANCTUARY when i first played infernal machine. Here is the walkthrough Iíve been using and Iíve posted the instructions from the start of the valley to where the treasure is missing:

Author: Cedric Cooks/Oda (The Jiggyman)
E-mail address:


First off, turn around and you should see a opening behind you. Go down until
you see some ivy, cut that with your machete and kill the snake nearby. You'll
see a leopard ahead, and as with the wolves, they can't be killed, shooting them
will make them go away for a while. Use Taklit's part to avoid it or fire your
revolver at it. Go all the way down the river. You really shouldn't be going
this far yet, but we want to get our first treasure right away. Once you reach
the end, go into the pond and swim next to the wall, you should see a hole.
Inside is your first treasure (1). Surface, and kill any piranhas that followed
you during that time.

Now, head all the way back to the beginning of the stage where you'll see a
pressure plate. As you've noticed, there are three of them. Right to it is
some ivy, cut it with your machete and head through. Go all the way up into a
temple and cut the ivy blocking the entrance. Try to avoid the nearby leopard
inside, simply shoot it if it sees you. Look for a weak wall to your left and
smash it with Urgon's part. Inside is another treasure (2). Go up the stairs,
and take out the whip and swing to the statue. Jump to the other side and go up
the stairs. Here, you'll find a block, so push it. You'll fall through.

You're now in a narrow tunnel. Here, look for a gap in the wall. See it?
Good. For the moment, you'll need to use it. But first, go up to the pressure
plate. Once you step on it, head to the gap and hide inside it, because it'll
come down shortly. Once you hide in the gap, the block will slide past you and
it'll land next to the pressure plate. Before going down though, head up to
where the head was and pick up the treasure (3). Then go down and push the
block onto the plate. A bridge will be activated, and you can cross now.


Head back up through the stairs as normal, but instead, go left (You should see
a path going this way). Go through the tunnel and over the bridge. Go forward
until you see some stairs to climb (Be sure to kill any snakes you see).
Instead of going up those, go down to the bottom first. Before heading through
the nearby doorway, head to the other side to pick up a treasure (4). Go
through the doorway and fall to a platform below you. Go through the opening
and kill all of the snakes inside, then go into the pool.


Treasure 4 is the one Iím missing. I comb that whole area and the treasure is just not there. Iíve consulted other walkthroughs and they tell me the same thing and only seem to confirm my suspicion that my game is glitched up. I did have an old playerís guide but I can't find it at the moment for a second opinion. I even went to the extreme of erasing one of my files, used the FORGEOFF cheat and went to the valley from scratch and the treasure is still not there. Whats ironic is in one of my old save files, I have all the valley treasures, so I canít imagine the treasure just vanishing from the game completely.

What could be a huge help for me is if someone could post a screenshot of this treasureís location so I can see where it should be with my own eyes.

Back to my main question though, is it possible to have phantom treasures in any version of Infernal machine ? If so, can anything be done to bring them back?
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