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Originally Posted by JRHockney*
All this over a minor saber manual update! What is wrong with you! For the record, me, darth die and maxstate have been the only ones doing anything to the mod over the last 6 months out side of promotion. Razorace is basically retired or at the very least, taking a very long well deserved break. He helps us out with some forum stuff and other basic things. Even UDM hasnt been available. I've been on the design team for two years and have been lead designer now for the past six months and I have better things to do bury my nose in the text documents looking for errors (heck just about everybody does here). I can only WISH I had the time and energy now that I had when I was your age, and I thought I was busy then. With all the work we've done just keeping this mod alive with hardly any help, we're not even getting paid for this!

You're basically callled me and everybody who made 0.1.1 (as well as huge portions of previous versions) , incompetent, right after you gave a praising review! Its comments like this that take the fun out of mod making and we're getting burned out as it is. If you don't grow up, I'm going to start deleting your posts, and thats a very rare consequence here.
I praised the mod indeed, it is a huge improvement over the original. Your threats bounce off me as if you never did them, so don't bother threatening me. I was under the impression that Razorace was the only coder the mod had? Well I guess a apology is in order, you have yourself done the improvements? with darthdie and maxstate?? well why didnt you say so. You have done great work my friend, but i wish you spent a bit more time on the saber manual as its importance is equal to the coding, yes coding is important but we must know how the coding works inorder to play the game. Once again my utmost sincere apologies. Merely misinformed on the mod personnel i guess. No hard feelings i hope

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