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Name: Calrid Refer
Age: 42
Species: BountyHunter, Ithorian
Home Planet: Ithor
Weapons: Vibroblade, Bryar pistol, Electroscope rifle
Era: Old Republic

Bio: At a very young age, it was clear that Calrid was an excellent Hunter, his ability to track people and animals was unpresidented, soon though he wanted a life away from his family and rather than just leaving them, he used his Hunter ability and killed them while they were out tending to their crops. Free of his family, he needed a ride off the planet, arriving at the nearest spaceport, he commondeered the nearest fighter he could get his hands on, amazingly he managed not to kill anyone in the process of stealling the ship.

He went to the planet of Tatoonie to get a BountyHunter job under the command of Jabba the Hutt, Jabba excepted him seeing his potential. After a few successful missions under Jabba, he left seeing that he could be a rouge and set up his own business as a hired bountyhunter, this failed and soon he floated from gang to gang around the galaxy working jobs for them, he was even hired a few times by the up and coming CIS movement.

Being that his life wasn't leading anywhere, all he wanted to do was become rich so he could do as he pleased, unfortunatly, being a bountyhunter he accumulated a few enemies. One enemy he had was Zapher Therese. He was the son of Breeion Therese whom Calrid assainated for Jabba the Hutt. Zapher didn't want Jabba though, only the person who killed his farther.

Calrid, unaware of this, was on a mission to Hefi, a retreat for those who don't wish to be found, unfortunatly Calrid did find his target, but Zapher was following Calrid and on the planets surface they clashed, a firefight broke out and despite Calrid being a bountyhunter, Zapher was an excellent Markman. This though wasn't Calrids downfall, it was actually a bridge over the only river running through the planet gave way sending Calrid plummenting to his death.

His body has never been found and he is persumed dead, although being a bountyhunter, he was trained to be a ghost and to disappear.

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