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Originally Posted by JRHockney*
Apology accepted. I'd say more but I have to get to work. I consider this matter closed. Still feel free to post any errors opr upates if you want and I'll get to them as soon as I can.
If i had known you 5 where behind the creation of the mod i would not have said such a thing, your names should be plastered all over this mod! once again good work on the mod Hockney, this mod is the only thing i play, any other star wars game pales in comparison to this mod. I heard Razorace was the Coder, and with most mod projects theres only one person behind it so I assumed it was only he, but this mod has a team AND what a great team it is. All of the credit for the mod goes to Razorace, Hockney, Darthdie, Maxstate and UDM. now that i know I wish you all the best of luck in future, this mod will be great! i know it, its oready starting to shine. Ive put my faith into this mod cause ive been disspointed in the past with other mods. Praise always goes unnoticed, but I hope ever star wars fan will hear my words and learn about this mod, for as its a dream come true. A mod so great it deserves to be called a game and sold for money.

Good luck my friends, till then I have College to do once I return i hope ill be pleasantly surprised

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