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Originally Posted by Chandler
Well, that's redundant MC shields at the same time.
Yeah, but it's still kinda weird that an bombardement by 3 ships, including an ISD, is unable to drop those shields
Yeah, I just ran out of time and never got around to it.
Good to hear that
Certain heroes do: Palpatine, Vader, Mothma...
I didn't know about Vader.. nice addition
It needs different pricing, I'd agree. I think I just made them all 200% and gave dreadnoughts some weird exception. I don't know, I'll redo it.

At the same time, I don't want them to be general-deployment units. I don't want players to build a fleet, build Thrawn, throw it at their enemies, rinse, and repeat. There must be some penalty for losing them, if it's no longer time. I also want to avoid situations where players just mass every hero available into one fleet and beat everything on their bonuses.
Well, heroes are still limited by the planets controlled - and even at a price of 2000 credits commander heroes would still be twice (or even four times) as expensive as a regular commander... IMO already enough to consider if it's worth buying them. I mean, normally hero bonuses aren't that strong - a 20% movement increase e.g. is nice, but it still normally won't help you if you're outnumbered 3 to 2.
Also, buying a hero with bonuses to certain ships normally shouldn't be worth it if your fleet does not heavily rely on these, since for all other ships that hero will propably be a regular fleet commander.
Perhaps a way to avoid massing heroes while at the sime time making them valuable in certain situations would be to give them strong bonuses (perhaps 50% health 50% shields 50% damage or something?), but only for certain kinds of ships. E.g. a Rebel player would have to make the choice whether to invest more into X-Wings or A-Wings and would accordingly only buy Antilles or Celchu.

You're still not supposed to be able to afford all of it . But I'll work on it. I might try lowering the starting cost of it.
I know I'm not supposed to afford it all But ATM I normally spend perhaps 30.000 credits into researching TIE Avengers lvl 3 and end up with maybe 12 squadrons or so and wondering if it was worth it. That gets even worse at higher upgrade levels, since the upgrades will cost much more and propably affect even less units (unless you lose a big part of your fleet)
They're not free. Their cost is built into the cost of the carrier.
I know, but effectively that will normally not stop me from buying ISDs and thus getting them, so it's more or less more of an automatism than a choice.

I didn't like how it wasn't directly attackable, but that's kind of PG dropping the ball on that. Even if you could task fighters to attack/guard it like Rebellion, I probably would've kept it.
No offense, but if I have to blow up the Death Star in one more game, however indirectly, I'm probably going to lose it (Rebel Assault, X-wing, Dark Forces, Rebellion, X-wing: Alliance, Empire at War, Forces of Corruption, and Lethal Alliance, just for the record, and I'm probably missing some). Come on developers, it's time for something new! Stop trivializing the Death Star's destruction!
Yeah OK, I can accept that I guess I agree that handling the Death Star "realistically" is a hard task.
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