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Originally Posted by Vesnik
Nice guide, however to go a little off topic how come your hud looks so different?

Mine does not look like this, the meters are not tick based, they are solid colors. Also, the dodge is green not purple on mine, why is this?

However when I open the enhancedstuff.pk3 I can see the tick based images in the hud files but it is not using these, how come?

I'm running what I believe to be the latest 0.1.1 and the enhancedstuff.pk3 in the sticky "Get OJP here!"
Those videos and pictures or whatever are pretty old most likely. but their still up to date as far as how each move looks and works. We may eventually shoot some new videos but we have other things to do right now.

Great job updating the Manual guys. When your through I'll post it here.

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