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I still have the graphics files for those (it was constructed via Photoshop layers with the intention of having individual pieces used for a new GUI). It's just that I don't have the time anymore to learn how to code everything into a cohesive GUI. Between work, grant-writing, classes, research, and a research thesis, there hasn't really been much time to pick up something new.

If someone is interested in working with me on it, I can provide the individual icons and whatnot to be used; making new gadget/force power/weapons icons is a piece of cake for me, but coding is not my language, and I don't really see myself capable of spending the time to rig something together.

And yeah those videos are outdated. If one of you guys would be kind enough to let me borrow rcon on a server that can afford me some good ping, I can make new demos in what little spare time I have. Hell, the whole manual can just be a series of embedded videos with a brief description underneath.

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