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OK, a few more suggestions:

- Speed up all ship speeds by a factor of perhaps 1,5 - 2. I understand that ATM you are using XWA values to determine ship speeds - these are however much lower than in the movies, most propably for the sake of gameplay. (see e.g. the ISD chasing the Tantive IV, Luke in the DS trench or the Executor leaving the Hoth asteroid field). ATM the first 2 minutes of every battle are just waiting for the enemy to come close enough, even though both fleets are normally headed directly towards each other. I think speeding up ships would lead to a slightly more dynamic gameplay... (with capships able do do more than sit there and fire)

- I still have that problem with "redundant" ships, i.e. ships that can be researched but already posess a counterpart with an almost identical role in combat. A good example would be ISD and Tector. Now I know that the Tector is slightly better against cap ships but has no complement. This however in my eyes does not justify the massive amount of credits spent to research the vessel - for the same money, you can get e.g. 2-3 ISD upgrades, and an ISD III should outdo a Tector I even at pure anti-capship. Other examples are IMO the rebel dreadnought (same role as the recusant and Neb B), Imperial Neb B and CC (these ships seem just too _weak_ to be worth the money spent in researching them) or the rebel Reef Home. There are some more I believe, however I honestly have not yet researched all types of vessels - mostly, the ships available at the beginning seem diverse enough already.
Perhaps the easiest way to solve this problem would be to make starting technologies on both sides truly minimal (Neb B and Z95, Acc and TIE).

- I know I already brought this up, but I still do not understand .. why do Rebels and Empire need to be as identical as possible??? They weren't in the movies, they are not in most games I know, and they never can be unless you'll have TIEs regularly equipped with shields while the T4B gets legs.
In all examples I know, diversity between the races is a throughoughly positive thing - why not give IMPs the more impressive cap ships while Rebels get fighters capable of acting on their own? Why not give Imperials free canon fodder while rebels get the ability for surgical strikes? It would surely be harder to balance than a "mirror balance", but it would IMO definitely be worth it - don't you prefer StarCraft to Warcraft 2??
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