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Hi everyone, sorry for hitting and running away for a long long time. I haven't worked on the Runaway extractor that much (I'm focusing on my Master's thesis), but today I decided to release the source and docs of what I made time ago.

Please note that this is "alpha" stuff and is to be taken as a mere example of how to extract things from the Runaway resource files. And consider it as my personal C/C++ and Qt training, not as an official, stable, solid extractor for doing what it is (should be) meant to.

Please focus your attention on the docs/ folder rather than trying to compile the sources and make it run. Inside the package my personal notes of how to extract media files from Runaway are contained. Please eventually look at the code only to favor your understanding on how to do that.

And of course, please consider using my code and my notes if you intend to write your own extractor, but please give me a little credit as a source of inspiration at least. I am also willing to help others (with code or "resource hacking") who may consider writing a new extractor.

Also, if I get good and / or constructive responses, I might consider re-starting to work hard on it (or rather, fixing up the code and bring it on). And don't you hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

the link:


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