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Originally Posted by MercJ
it fixes it for your game. And servers you run. The host will have to Download it and then upload it to where ever they have bought there server from. So if you join a game that doesnt have my update then you will still see 2 reinforcement drop.

For an example I use, and they have a place for you (if you are the host) to upload your custom maps, data file ect...
Once your fix has been added to a player's game... If that player joins another server running the Death Star map without the fix... won't that server drop the player because of modified files? Can I only join servers that have your fix?

Are you saying here that once you install this fix to a player's game, they can join a server that has your fix installed and you'll see a 1 reinforcement drop.. and servers that don't have your fix installed will show a 2 reinforcement drop. Your fix here is compatible online with any server whether they have your fix installed or not, without dropping the client?

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