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Thumbs up full throttle post apocolyptic

The answer is in the games songs. When you get Moe's welder out of
the trailor, a song is playing on the radio, "Increased Chances," by the
by the band Chitlins Whiskey & Skirt. It also plays on the radio when Ben
is hiding in the engine compartment of the fertilizer truck but only in part,
and played in full again at the end credits, which you ought to watch in
full because of some funny quotes by wanna be biker computer geeks as
well as mechanical bunnies riding in the sunset.
Anyway, the lyrics of the song are

"The population is greatly decreased/ so my chances are greatly increased
That I just might find the chance to kiss your lips.
I thank the Lord each day for the apocolypse.

Everybody's disfigured or dead/ but sugar I won't let it go to my head
My Mommas face has dripped down into the dirt.
But I'm still chasing, chitlins, whiskey and skirt."
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