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Party Members part2

Ancient Builder droid:
The Droid will be found in the ruins on Corellia. The droid will be damaged but you can find parts to fix the droid. The droid will argue with HK-47. The droid’s side quest will be about the history of the Infinity Empire and a secret chamber which can be discovered if you fix the droid to 100 percent. The Droid will aid you in your quest.
You find the broken droid on Corellia but only after you get to Duro that you find a similar droid with the piece which can be used to make the droid full operational. After Corellia you can have the droid in your party.

You find both Dustil and the female Genoharadan on the Hutt’s space ship but only after you complete Duro.

Dustil Onasi:
(Male/ species- human)

You will only be able to meet and recruit Dustil if Revan was light side in kotor1. Dustil will not be a force user when you meet him. You can convince him to go back to the force and either becomes a dark side or light side user. You will come across him in the game after Duro. He will over hear you talking about Revan. Dustil has been working in the area of future trade routes. He will work for the Czerka Corporation which wants to expand its trade in the galaxy. Dustil has given up the use of the force. If you decide to retrain Dustil in the force he will start with a few basic powers. You can also decide to keep Dustil as a non force user. Dustil could be a love interest for the female PC. Later in the game you can reunite Dustil with his father Carth at the end of the game.
When you meet Revan, Dustil will thank Revan for saving him from the Sith. You can also push Dustil feeling for his father in a favorable light or unfavorable. This will affect the ending when Dustil meets Carth.

A female Genoharadan assassin/bounty hunter:
(Female/ Species- …)

You can recruit her into your party only if Revan was dark side in kotor1. She is out to restructure the Genoharadan organization. She is an up and coming figure in the Genoharadan. She will first only tell you she is a bounty hunter but later you will find out she is a member the secret organization Genoharadan. In kotor1 Revan killed the main leaders of the organization. In kotor2 the Genoharadan have changed a bit in their focus. She wishes to make the Genoharadan powerful and influential in the remodeling of the Republic. She will join you after she finds out you are looking for Revan. She secretly wishes to kill Revan so she can use it gain power in the Genoharadan. She has been training since she was 5 years old.

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