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Here is the first Draft for the Story Line/Dialog:

Revenge of Revan:

Title Crawl:
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
It's been eight years since the battle for Telos IV. The Republic is troubled by conflicts between systems, many Republic systems want their own individual power over it's worlds. The Lost Jedi have emerged to rebuild the Jedi Order. The Jedi sense however that with the move to shifting ruling powers to individual systems, may cause the Republic to weaken its ability to defend the galaxy. In the shadows of the galaxy there have been stories of another threat is rising...

The Story:
-Fade Out from the title crawl. Fade Back in player will see a space station above a planet. Player will then see another vessel exit from a cloaked position and fire upon the station. Fade Out from the space station. Fade back into the space station command center. A soldier will be looking at a near by council, and another man will be walking up behind him.-

Corellian Soldier:
Sir! Our sensors are picking something up in the distance. It's unidentified Sir, and we are not sure what to make of it.

Corellian Commander:
Can you get a closer view of it? I want to find out what it is before..

-The commander is interrupted by several shots from the unidentified vessel. Fade out from the command station under attack. Fade back in from the unidentified vessel still firing upon the space station. Fade from the space station losing orbit over Corellia, fade to black. Fade back in with a view of space then show some space ships flying over the camera to Coruscant. Fade out from the ships entering Coruscant's orbit. Fade into the Jedi Temple showing a Jedi Master talking to his Padawan.-

Jedi Master Quan Drayen:
I am very pleased at how well you are advancing threw your training young padawan. It is possible that depending on how well your next mission goes, you will attain the rank of Jedi Knight.

-Show PC defending off small remote droids, there will be 2 remote droids-

1.Thank you, master.
2.You do me to much honor, master. It's your training however that has allowed me to advance as far as I have.
3.Good, I have been patient far to long. The council is to slow master. I should have been a Jedi long ago.

Master Drayen:

(In response to the second option)

I'm merely a teacher. It's your will to help the galaxy and defend it from the Dark Side that has allowed you to advance as well as you have. But remember the Dark Side is always tempting during times of great stress such as battle young padawan. Always keep in mind of the right things to do.

(In response to the third option)

You should not say such things. Such thoughts lead to the Dark Side, and that is a Path few turn from. The Dark Side is always tempting, especially when battle is upon you. Remember to never let your emotions cloud your judgment of the situation. Think clearly and calmly.
(In response of the first option and is an automatic secondary response.)

Now the Jedi Order has come across many knights. Though only two are of interest to me right now. The Jedi Exile and Revan. I'd like to from your studies as to what you have learned about them. So please what can you tell me about them?

-The remote droids stop. PC turns to Master Drayen-

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