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Hey everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed the post by Divide&Conquer. This is only a taste of what will come. We will soon have artwork and map layouts which will be posted on the projectís website.
The Website will be announced Sunday 2/24/08

Major Characters part 2

Bastila Shan
Jedi Master

Bastila will be part of the new Jedi Council on Coruscant.
While the dark side Bastila is searching for Revan she comes across her old master. Bastila will find redemption in the outer rim worlds by her former Jedi master. She still has love for Revan if Revan is male. She then returns to the Jedi Order along with her old master after the events of Telos IV.
The light side Bastila will gather the Lost Jedi after the battle of Telos IV. She will help rebuild the Jedi Order.

Carth Onasi
Republic Admiral

Carth is only in the game if Revan is light side. If Revan is light side female, Revan will mention about a Republic officer who help saved her from the dark side. Revan and Carthís love story will be concluded in the game.

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