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[K1] Hidden Bek Suit

Description: Being in a Swoop Gang is dangerous, so having good protection is vital. This standard issue Hidden Bek Suit has a special breastplate coated with ceramic to help deflect blaster fire, and is emblazoned with the Hidden Bek colors.

Properties: Feats required: Armor Proficiency - Medium
Defense Bonus: 8, +2 with Mesh Underlay
Damage Resistance: Resists 30/- against Energy
Bonus Feat with Armor Reinforcement: Toughness

Note: This .rar includes a file that will have Gadon give you the armor after you agree to get the prototype engine for him.
The files in the Bonus folder makes a chosen few of the Bek's wear the armor.

If you fancy it, you can download here.

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