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Originally Posted by Negative Sun
I'd recommend this one:

550W Corsair VX
Seconded. That PSU rocks! Perfect for a single video card setup.

MY recommendations:

1) I don't know about the UK, but here in the States most hardware manufacturers offer rebates quite regularly on their products through different e-tailers and brick & morter (b&m) stores. Try to keep your eyes peeled for these if they're available in the UK/EU as some of them can be quite large and can end up saving you hundreds of dollars (hundreds of pounds even!) when building an entire system. There are several forums in the U.S. that are dedicated to finding these types of deals on just about anything (not just computer parts!), and I'm sure that there are forums like that in the UK/EU as well.

2) The 45nm (Yorkfield core) replacement for the Q6600 is due to come out shortly (March 15). You can then get the Q9450 for the same price as the Q6600 is today or get the Q6600 for less (probably far less). I wish I'd been able to get online (bad phone lines & no internets ) to give similar advice to Niner, as the dual-core situation was the same (E8400 vs E6750) not long ago.

3) For those of us in the States, Fry's Electronics consistently has the craziest deals around. It's the home of the "free after rebate" deal. If there's one in your area, I envy you. Just a month or so ago when Wolfdale was released they were dumping their Conroes for a fraction of of their MSRP, and they do stuff like this every time a new model comes out. They were selling E6600s for $75.00, E6300s for $35.00, and E6400s, E6320s and E6420s were priced somewhere in between the two. Their madness persists online as well, but the best deals are in-store. It's the geek Mecca if there ever was one.

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